Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World


Phobia is an excessive fear about a specific thing or situation, A Phobia is classified as a type of anxiety disorder. In this list, we’ll find out the Top 10 phobias in the world with the most common ones between people.

10. Thanatophobia- The Fear of Death

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Thanatophobia The Fear of Death

The fear of death or more precisely fear from dying, It’s a common phobia between many people, even by just talking about death can be hard but for some people this is a mental illness that can lead to refraining from talking or just thinking about death, refuse to leave the house due to this fear, the symptoms of this psychological condition include frequent panic attacks, stomach pain, dizziness, sweating and increased anxiety.
Thanatophobia can be known also as death anxiety, dying phobia…

9. Aerophobia- The Fear of Flying

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Aerophobia The Fear of Flying

Aerophobia or Aviophobia it’s also known as flying anxiety it’s basically the fear of flying by taking a plane or helicopter or any flying experience, Moreover, many people experience anxiety before flights which makes them avoid vacations or business meeting that include flying and that might affect their personal life in general, Aerophobia affects nearly 25 million Americans, However, some side effects of Aerophobia include Shaking, flushed skin, Irritability, Sweating, and Heart palpitations..

8. Mysophobia- The Fear of Dirt and Germs

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Mysophobia The Fear of Dirt and Germs

Mysophobia also known as germophobia it’s an excessive fear of dirt and germs, Mysophobia is highly considered to be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), some people might suffer from both which can lead to over hand washing and bathing, people who suffer from Mysophobia might experience some symptoms such as nausea, sweating, panic attack, and increased heart rate.

7. Claustrophobia- The Fear of Small Spaces

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Claustrophobia The Fear of Small Spaces

Claustrophobia is a highly common psychological condition whereas almost 5% of the world’s population suffer from Claustrophobia, this phobia is simply related to the fear of small and closed places which makes it uncomfortable for the ones who suffer from Claustrophobia,  the scientists and experts have been highly studying this phobia, however, sadly it turns out that from many studies that only 2% of the sufferers seek treatment, there are many Claustrophobia’s symptoms such as sweating, dry mouth, headache, nausea, dizziness, and of course an excessive fear when the sufferer is in a small place.

6. Astraphobia- The Fear of Lightning and Thunder

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Astraphobia- The Fear of Lightning and Thunder

Astrophobia also is known as brontophobia, tonitrophobia, astrapophobia, which is the fear of thunder and lightning, most of the people who experience this phobia are children and it could endure into adulthood, and even some animals fear the lightning and thunder mostly are cats and dogs, the affected person will experience during storms and thunder some symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, anxiety, sweat. children might hide under the bed or cover their ears with their hands, Astraphobia affects nearly 2% of Americans, and fortunately, it’s considering as one of the most treatable phobias.

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5. Cynophobia- The Fear of Dogs

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Cynophobia- The Fear of Dogs

This phobia affects the type of people who have the fear of dogs, Cynophobia might affect the ones who had a bad experience with a dog, like been chased or bitten, moreover women mostly have this phobia more than men, also children might have this phobia especially if they heard bad stories about dogs also they may develop it in their childhood into adulthood, Cynophobia is considered to be one of the most animal’s phobias in the world.

4. Agoraphobia – The Fear of Crowded or Open Spaces

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Agoraphobia - The Fear of Crowded or Open Spaces

Agoraphobia is the fear from crowded or open spaces, this condition makes the sufferer avoid to visit several places such as Malls, restaurants, public places, the sufferer will always try their best to avoid these places, people who suffer from Agoraphobia might most of the time prefer to stay at home instead of going out, the victim may fear going to these places due to a horrible event that might happened to them or one of their relatives, which it hard for them to escape from. Depression has a big factor in Agrophobia, However, around 2 of 100 Americans suffers from this phobia.

3. Acrophobia- The Fear of Heights

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Acrophobia- The Fear of Heights

The fear of heights (Acrophobia) is one of the most common phobias in the world, Approximately 10% of Americans suffers from Acrophobia, most people with this phobia experience anxiety and nervousness when they are in a high place sometime it’s not even that very high yet still very hard for people with Acrophobia, The phobia starts with the thought of falling, and it has several symptoms such as panic attacks, increased heartbeat, and excessive sweating.

2. Ophidiophobia- The Fear of Snakes.

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Ophidiophobia- The Fear of Snakes.

It’s the most common phobia reported by people, Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes or scared of being bitten by snakes, this phobia affects nearly 1/3 of people, this phobia is known to be common between adults more than children due to most of the adults have an idea about the consequences if someone got bitten by a venomous snake, unlike children who have been found several times to be played around a snake without knowing the danger which may occur. Ophidiophobia could affect the ones with an extreme fear to avoid go hiking or camping in order to avoid places where snakes could be found.

1. Arachnophobia- The Fear of Spiders

Top 10 Most Common Phobias In The World - Arachnophobia- The Fear of Spiders

Here we are with the most common phobia in the world, Arachnophobia the fear of spiders, the sufferers usually get a panic attack, sweat excessively, scream by just looking at it, One of the biggest reasons of Arachnophobia is the thoughts that spiders are deadly, also spider’s shape which makes it easy for them to sneak any room or house, that’s what lead some excessive sufferers to look in every corner to ensure that their surroundings are free from spiders, However, there are nearly 31% of people out there who suffer from Arachnophobia with varying degrees of phobia from moderate to excessive.